It really doesn’t matter how long you’ve been writing or how successful you’ve been. There is always the challenge to be better than you were yesterday, and there is always the possibility that what you’ve written will be so awful, you will wonder years from now why you allowed the work to see the light of day. But light of day it did see. Additionally, possibly hundreds of curious eyes moving left to right on the page, brows furrowed and minds wondering, what the hell? They might look again at the cover to ensure they are in fact reading a book by their beloved author, then they’ll flip it open again, read on and in exasperation toss the book into the fireplace.

How many of us have had this experience with authors we love? If you haven’t, count yourself fortunate. If the famous writer can flop on a novel, what makes you think you can’t after years of successful writing?

As writers our work will go through the good, the bad and the ugly. Some of these experiences will be private, others will be public. But it will all be us, every aspect of us, our genius days, or our confused and dazed days. Maybe even the dreaded, what-were-you-thinking days.

Still, we keep writing daily and continue learning and honing our craft, come what may.


© zaji, 2016