Writing takes courage. One must go deep inside to the dark places, the secret places most people spend their entire lives avoiding. This isn’t easy to do, but it is there the true words live, the words that draw tears and incite anger, the words that make us laugh with bold authenticity. Each day I write, I try to go to that place, that terrifying space of truth that could leave me friendless and ostracized. But that is where the words breathe and dance. In that space I know I’ll find the genuine hearts who are unafraid of raw life in all its beauty and ugliness. True friends don’t allow us to sugar coat existence. They force out of us all the wounds we try to hide and make us remember how we were cut, why, and why we have let go of it all. There is such a great amount of bravery here. Only the strongest warrior can wield a pen with success. At times there will be blood in the ink, but freedom will be found in the blood words.


© zaji, 2016