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Writing Prompt: Forward Drive

What is the one thing that drives you to wake up in the morning and do whatever it is you do? Is it writing, family, friends, or something else entirely?

Possibility. When I think about all the things that are possible at the dawn of a new day, I roll over, sit up, yawn and allow possibility to move me forward and onward. I am driven by the power within me to create anything that is possible to create. Every morning I am the creator of my day and future world. Even those things that are outside of my control in this culture still pulse with the possibility to be changed.

What drives my thinking is our existence. Imagine, in a universe of infinite possibilities, we are here, thinking, breathing, believing, imagining, creating, being. Simply being. Our existence shows that anything is possible. Through some means we are unsure of, we are here. It could have been creation. It could have been evolution. Or, it could have been neither of those, and the way we’ve come to exist is something beyond anything we can imagine at the moment.

Can you imagine that we could have come into being without creation or evolution? Regardless of our feelings, beliefs, opinions and limited observations, the possibility exists that we are here by a means outside of our realm of understanding or ability to detect. This is a most beautiful possibility to me. It leaves open the door for us to imagine different and create new possibilities for our existence rather than limit ourselves. Why argue over that which we could all be wrong about?

This is what wakes me each day—all that is possible to conceive and perceive in this galaxy, universe, omniverse, multiverse, or a thing so expansive (or microscopic) we have yet to know it or name it. But still, we live and breathe in it. In it, we are sentient and think. In it, we…are.



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