be still

The world is so busy.

Money must be made, dishes washed, carpets cleaned, windows shined, hair combed, car serviced and filled with gas, groceries bought, face washed, teeth brushed, food cooked, exercise, dance, make love, sing, play, run, hide, write, tell, live, hide, hide, hide, resurface, then hide.

It’s all so much and on the most basic level, far more than what is required for humans to live.

When will we be still? Stop everything and be still—a world wide meditation. A day of nothing for every human being on Earth. We all just collectively be still and don’t move. Don’t work, don’t create, don’t play, don’t dance, don’t think, just stillness. For only an hour. More if needed. We all at the same time are still.

What a movement that would be. What energy would flood the world. It would be a great energy. One that says we can stop if we want to, anytime, anywhere and decide to just be still.

Just to be still.

Artist unknown

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