book snob

Hands down, I would say I’m snobbish about books. I rarely loan my books to others. When I do, I must be sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the person will in fact read it. Otherwise, they are welcome to buy their own book and read it at their leisure. But I expect any book I loan out to be read within a reasonable time, or promptly returned. I know, I’m bad. Don’t judge me and don’t laugh at me. I know some of you are laughing anyway as you read this. That’s ok, I can take it.

Books are so near and dear to me. They are friends come to tea. I love to be surrounded by books because it is like being surrounded by my ancestors who are filled with knowledge and wisdom. I can honestly say that books are the only thing I’m a huge snob about. However, if I know that someone is a die hard reader, they will always have freedom to roam my library, which is now over 5,000 books strong.

Maybe I need books anonymous?

Naaahhh! I’ll stay addicted to my books.



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