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belief collector

i collect beliefs and put them inside glass jars, rubber sealed and sometimes placed in the sun. i shake them to see if they will blend. some converge, others diverge. all are creations living inside us, changing us, moving us to imagine the seemingly unimaginable. each belief remembers its birth, others remember birthing nations; others […]

galaxy luggage

Writing Prompt: Suitcase Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. galaxy luggage found travel stickers across the milky way. my suitcase has seen Jupiter and Saturn. winged feet prefer clouds doubling as stones to take me across stars flowing like waters. i skip across clouds white and emptiness. planet hopping is free.…

galaxy luggage was originally published on zaji

galaxy luggage was originally published on zaji

on dead leaves

i sleep atop living and dead leaves shadowed by sensual trees whose leaves play upon my sun bathed skin untold stories whisper through fallen leaves they descend onto my engorged breasts infant food from the mother goddess dead leaves shift and crunch beneath my dreams my naked body moves in REM remembering notes and rhythms […]

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