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Today is the past. This moment belongs to the ancestors. Now is the sepia moment; and a thousand years from now many will look back and call this age vintage. © zaji, 2016

complex simplicity

As my plane flew over Cuba, bound for Jamaica, I began to feel the pull of a long ago home, one that remembered me more than I could remember it. I landed on over 4,000 square miles of fragile paradise, not knowing what…

dream with me

i want to dream with you in technicolor let our minds intertwine as we write stories in our sleep state dream with me we will create worlds

remembering honey

it was the summer of 2010. i looked out at the Melbourne ocean. i was remembering Jamaica and small white stones under bare feet. i remember someone fetching water down by the road side water pump, jackfruit and sugar cane growing along the…

winter days in vermont

It was cold in Vermont. A week long stay felt like months of winter. Minus temperatures. Flash snow storms. Ice patches. Frozen ears and fingers in a matter of two minutes. It is a much more bearable state in the summer. At this…

sun through glass

Today I cleaned windows and wondered about the rays of the sun that passed through them. I thought about sun rays slightly changing their form as they passed through glass, a thing virtually undetectable but almost felt. I thought about the warmth on…

reaching the finish line

Photo Challenge: Achievement – Have you just run 26.2 miles, finished a long-term project, or met a personal goal? This week, show us an achievement. It may seem small to some, but reading four books in three weeks for class is no small…

let there be light

light. it’s beautiful. particularly when it shines through various mediums that enhance its beauty. this lamp shade is a beautiful medium for light. the yellow-orange hue is soothing. let us celebrate light this week.

the simple life

Photo Challenge: Minimalist

living water

Everything contains water to some degree. In this image, water has wrapped itself around my ankles, as though attempting to contain me. In a strange way, I wanted to be contained. I consider water to be a living entity. In our first months…

refraction: light passing through life

Through light we see life Through life we see illusions that dance inside our dreams Through our dreams we live what was Through our illusions we live what could be Light envelopes reality Light sees life and continues Light sees life and unfolds…

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