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memories in a can

she was dying not from disease it was much more invasive than that there is no vaccine for pain no vaccine for the insecurity he bred inside her turning her into a genetic modification of her former self her soul is now broken ribs from steel-toe boots no vaccine for immortal memories she wished would […]

under the baobab tree

she waited for herself at twilight under the baobab tree black skirt raised above knees red and gold painted bare feet on haunted ground spirit rising through ancient soil seeking lost self and awaiting life the agape dance gyrating for the coming moon gyrating for her lost self smelling sea water on moonbeams night skirt […]

yesterday’s words

there is a forgotten life inside this aging skin fragmented memories of an ancient epoch ancestral reinventions laced in lost stories our flesh matters less than the words we leave behind the lyrics endure; a griot’s invocation the deluge of stories return to our waiting tongue words become anthropomorphic things with breath and soul; with […]

save words

i will save words for you. bottled and pickled words for you. then feed you synonyms of me, so you will always remember my taste. i will flavor your life until all your tongue remembers is what it is was like to come…to come…to come …into my dreams. and stay a while. a long while. […]


Strong, sturdy hips receive hungry thrusts. Authentic sex is not for the weak. Fainting hearts are not welcome here. Moans crescendo, vibrating leaves and rippling rivers. Bodies transform, like werewolves under a hunter’s moon. Two bodies cast a single shadow upon the leaves, a single shadow spread eagle under star filled skies. Animalistic echoes part […]

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