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in the small places

I’ve always felt that I, human, am frighteningly small and whatever this is that we exist within is big, bigger than anything I could describe with human words. Not even numbers, math, arithmetic can illustrate what this is in ways we can fathom.…

i built a story

I built a story that was tall and wide, stretching across miles of land like the Great Wall of China. I did not use brick or stone or plastic or metal or wood. I used the purple haze of stardust, sprinkled on sea…

i am not what you seek

I am not what you see or seek in the mirror. I am me, living inside my skin, carrying blood and bone through time.

burn with anger, woman

Burn with anger, woman.  Your fire voice was temporarily extinguished with water, but you did not let it drown you. You turned everything that touched you to steam. The destroyers dissipated into the air, mixed in with the ancestors who lost their way and told un-truths about the place of woman. They now mourn their…

burn with anger, woman was originally published on zaji

the clouds in prayer

The clouds interlace fingers seeking prayer, an impassioned supplication to the un-gods.  They spread across skies gathering stories of un-time, spaces inside cycles that collect memories we will never touch, nor taste. Nor see. Clouds beseech the un-gods, begging for intervention. But the…


I am lost in thoughts that I do not own.

what a peach

Our peach tree is really coming along nicely. Each day the peaches get brighter and fuller. I’m excited and can’t wait until they fully mature so I can begin to eat them. Like this:Like Loading…

what a peach was originally published on zaji

what a peach was originally published on zaji

the beauty of a teacher, and her students

Every now and then a bit of beauty falls onto my lap and reminds me that there just might be a pinhole of hope for humanity. Very few of us are as lucky as these ex-students to have found a teacher who truly…

my first and last

Photographer Unknown It was the mid 80s. I was 18 years old. I was working at a local video store renting out videos for a Prince height Italian man whose accent betrayed his birthplace, which was clearly not Italy. He was a Bronx born Italian, who mixed Americanized Italian with yiddish insults. When I didn’t…

my first and last was originally published on zaji

when he sang for me

your dna

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your dna was originally published on zaji

in your dreams

the womb of darkness

show me

We talk so much in this world. Most times, we are talking ourselves to death rather than acting appropriately. It’s time for the talk to cease and for the loving action to begin.

contemplating life

I sat in the park today, thinking. I didn’t focus on anything in particular. I listened to woodpeckers feverishly pecking away at trees and red pyramids at the top of a swing set. One I saw atop the swing had a vibrant red…

it ends (an eintou)

in time we all forget. we sink into darkness. heartbeats can’t find their way back home. the notes are out of tune; i know this dance. it ends. © zaji, 2016 Like this:Like Loading…

it ends (an eintou) was originally published on zaji

it ends (an eintou) was originally published on zaji


Undulating within dark words reaching for dying stars. Nubian night finds us inventing stories of our beginnings. Ichor is there for drink, if you want, if you dare. Venus is just up ahead, a little to the left and on ’til dusk. Endings…

fire in the caves

There is fire in the caves. Defiant flames stretch across indocile walls. The cold stones can bear the relentless heat. But can they bear the stories? There is fire in the caves. Fire burned alien symbols into cave ceilings. Their meaning has long…

newspapers: the other reality entertainment

Writing Prompt: Newspaper Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. Bird cages lined with yesterday’s murders and celebrity gossip keep no secrets. The fear and triteness won’t swing open cage doors to set free the small bodied beings with wings…

green all over

Writing Prompt: Green Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. i am green on the inside where the grass, shrubs and trees live and grow. i am green leaves flowing through thick veins trying to find their way to calm…

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