death, the great silencer


When all is said and done, we are all rendered mute.

Death does not care about our feelings nor opinions about our political leanings, religious beliefs, the latest fashion fails, even our existence. It is the great silencer. And one day it will silence our opinions and feelings, every thought.

All that will live on is an idea. Hope only for the greatest of our ideas to infect those who live on after us.


5 thoughts on “death, the great silencer

  1. So very true. Yet you do have the Legacy of your daughters and perhaps one day grandchildren. I’ve heard it said that as long as someone speaks your name you live. I suppose the caveat is that the dead live on in the DNA/genetics of their living family members and in the memories of those left behind. Thanks for this thought provoking post.

  2. Another thought occurred to me. Around 2012 I was posted in the photography Civil War exhibit in the museum. I had a very strange encounter with my Great, Great Grandfather William Henry Halstead. As I was looking at the photos somehow his memory, feelings and emotions became joined to mine and I actually began to experience what he felt during battle. He was in the 29th Colored Regiment, Ct. I could actually hear the booms of cannons, feel bullets whizzing by my head, the cries of the wounded and dying. It was a very disturbing experience. I could feel his fear and anxiety. It became so intense I told him to stop. Now mind you he’s been dead nearly 150 years and why he would come to me as opposed to the rest of his descendants I don’t know. However I did a Buddhist ritual suggested by a Japanese friend and he has never returned. So maybe our bodies die but something. Soul. Spirit. Essence. Lingers on. I did look up the battle on the 29th Colored Regiment website and this really did take place. Hopefully now he is at peace.

    I’ve also had experiences with my own Mother and Father after they passed away that defied logical explanation. But I’ll leave those for another conversation.

      1. Mine began around 4 or 5. I saw beings and images at night and I was super sensitive. Gradually I started to suppress these visitations because I knew that it would not be acceptable. However after my parent’s deaths (I was in my mid-30s when they passed away) they both communicated with me. Of course the few folks I told did not believe me so once again I kept it to myself. Then 7 years ago when I turned 50 it was like the dam was broken the faucet turned on. I’m more selective with whom I share but at least I know I’m not a weirdo. Still these experiences can be unsettling especially if the spirit is troubled. Then you have to find out what they want you to do in order to help them. It’s all a Learning Experience.

        1. One day I’ll share my experience of having a memory before birth. Very strange to remember something prior to becoming self-aware of my existence.

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