feeling jolly, maybe


It snowed last night. This morning the sky was clear and the snow bright. While I do feel a sense of jolly when I look at the blanket of white, I continue to wish that snow weren’t so cold. I know, to achieve such a feat would require a change in the structure of everything in order for snow to not melt at 90 degrees. But if we put enough spiritual energy into it, who knows what magic can happen. Until then, I dream.

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4 thoughts on “feeling jolly, maybe

  1. Great minds think alike. About an hour ago I took pictures of the snow in our Brooklyn backyard. Very picturesque. Very lovely and scenic in the backyard but not when one has to go outside on the street when one’s neighbors and business owners do not shovel or put down salt/de-icer.

  2. Like you I do not like cold. I’m a summer sun, sand, surf and Beach person. However yesterday I got to stay home and if I don’t want to go out into the snow, ice and freezing cold I can call out. Slipping and sliding on icy sidewalks is not my cup of tea!

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