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I don’t give two damns about “hate speech” against me, a brown woman. Not two. I have a mighty voice and know how to defend myself against words meant to cut my soul. What I care a lot about is whether someone attempts to do me physical harm, cut my skin. That is my biggest concern. Not the small words of small people with small minds. My words are too mighty to be concerned with the infantile ramblings of those who have nothing better to do with their lives than discuss people.

I wish to be left alone and allowed the right to get away from any “hate speech” I don’t want to hear.  Don’t allow anyone to follow me around for the sole purpose of speaking to me any kind of way (they can say what they want without forcing it on me) and don’t allow anyone to touch me, harass me or bully me. My physical person is more important to me than a bunch of words (venom) coming out of an idiots mouth.

Further, I want those who wish to say hateful things to express themselves freely, please, so I know exactly who to stay away from. If those who hate me are silenced, then they could do me even greater harm in the dark because I won’t know who is doing things to me. Could be denying me a job, spitting in my food, giving me wrong medicine, whatever. I need to know who to stay far away from, or who to report if they attempt to deny me access to something I have the right to access.

Nope, don’t ban a thing for me. Keep them away from me. That is all. I know how to use my mighty voice against those who bring small words pushed from the depths of their small souls.

4 thoughts on “hate speech vs my mighty voice

  1. That idea has occurred to me also. However even though we supposedly have Freedom of Speech in this country I don’t believe that freedom allows us to use speech where someone else gets hurt or killed. Americans need to dispose of that “Mob mentality.” Words have the power to heal or hurt.

    Not just concerning race but religion and those with disabilities. None of us wants to see our children, siblings, friends or any family member hurt or die because some nutcase yelled Get him/her. As you know my brother Stephen has Autism. It’s not much reported in the news but many adults and children with Autism have been attacked and murdered. Sometimes by their own family members.

    Sadly negative speech can and does lead to violent actions. Free Speech is not free. Words have consequences. Thank you for this thoughtful introspective post.

    1. I agree with you on speech directing people to harm someone. That is why I outline my primary focus on being physically touched, rather than the words. I don’t care if someone says, “go get zaji and kill her.” They can say that any day of the week, doesn’t matter to me. What I care about is someone acting on that directive, not the directive itself. The directives are words. The directive didn’t do me physical harm, the action is what will do me the physical harm. So for me, I am most concerned with physical violence against me. Because at the end of the day, the words that hurt emotionally can be relative. And directives to kill can be disobeyed when it is clear there is no danger present. Anyone who obeys a directive to kill me, wanted to kill me, and someone telling them to do it would not have mattered. They would have done it without words, without a directive.

      I can only speak for me and my needs. And I don’t need, nor want hate speech to be blocked. I see the danger in it for me. I see the danger in thinking that speech is what causes hate. No one can make me hate someone with their words. I need to know the actions of the person I am being asked to hate, and whether their actions are fact. Then I will ascertain whether hate is a necessary emotion to feel for a person. But I know everyone is not like me.

      I am not comfortable with those who hate me being allowed to hide and being silenced. I need to know who they are, so they cannot hide. Just me.

  2. Yes the thoughts behind the hate speech. The inner need to make somebody else less than you, a second class citizen, a pariah. For me hate is an evil that feeds on the emotions of the hater so to speak. I try to give folks the benefit of the doubt. Not buy into stereotypes but some people are not so open-minded and that scares me. Unfortunately crazy people might feel justified in acting upon their hate. I’ve been the target of violence because of my race, gender or the person just plain hates me for some unknown reason. All I will say is that I’m only here today by the Grace of God. Those experiences impacted me for life.

    1. Tell the truth dear sister! Tell it! We have all be scarred in so many ways. This culture is insane, and always finding ways to take the focus off behavior. I’m tired of it. I want negative behaviors judged and stopped! Enough already!

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