i am not entertained

Writing Prompt: ( YAWN )

What bores you?


Anything that does not advance humanity and elevate our soul so we can live in peace bores the living daylights out of me. For example, I enjoy technology. But when I see what is happening in the world, such as war, famine, oppression, misogyny, usury, and modern day slavery, to name a few, technology begins to appear small and infantile and merely a toy used to distract humanity away from learning how to effectively interact like mature souls on this planet. Technology is no longer fun and exciting and interesting. It’s no longer a marker for our advancement as a species. It is now a thing we do. But so what? We can’t live in peace. We can’t live free. We pay for what nature makes for free. We are oppressed by the monetary system that enslaves humanity as a collective. Individual success is not collective advancement when it comes to assessing the current culture and system of survival. Everything is breaking down around us and rightfully so. It’s a childish and unintelligent system. Humanity is lost in the quagmire of our unrecognized inanity. I am bored because we spend so little time on attempting to create authentic equality, freedom and peace. Instead, we use papers and laws and rules as stand-ins for what could simply be done without all the papers and “authorities” we use to double as authentic action that shows concrete and lasting change. We drown ourselves in reality shows as people die from bombs and guns. We entertain ourselves and pretend no one is starving on the other side of the globe, or on the other side of town.

Many are so steeped in what they are living and experiencing, they cannot imagine anything else; they cannot create something new, something better. Most are numb or afraid to use their creative skills to create a superior social structure. Instead, we leave one control mechanism for another. The Republic is now a Democracy. Different words, different specific methodologies, same oppression masquerading as a sovereign culture interested in the plight of the proletariat. Yet, the proletariat has become the majority due to the disparity and creation of classes; the rich, the middle, the poor. Corporations run governments and governments (local and federal) enforce laws that further oppress the people economically and socially.

So I’m bored of all of technological “advancements” or our scientific “advancements” or medical “advancements”, and all other advancements that do not further the cause of creating equality on Earth. Our issue is not what we are creating with our hands; our problem is what we are creating with our minds. It won’t matter if we build ships that can take us on vacation to another galaxy. If authentic social equity and freedom are not reached, the violence, greed, inequality and hunger for power will land squarely in the galaxy we travel to, upheaving whatever and whomever we might find there.

Most of what we’ve created to date is interesting, yes. But when all is said and done, I am not entertained. Not yet. I want our creations to be served up on a plate piled with freedom, equity and balance. It is then that you will see me swim in the grandeur of our creations.

© zaji, 2016

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