i dreamed of dust


My mind is an unbound galaxy filled with impossible ideas, life giving stars
Each star the nucleus of a thought that gives birth to systems
The systems erase impossibility with their breath, the breath of life
The breath of worlds moving around each star, each thought, each mind
Minds that join in the symphony of creation, galaxy after galaxy
We wait for the end that will meet the beginning
Each circling back, cycling back to the end of the beginning
The beginning of the end
That place that never was, nor will be, the now
Each thing is…
Mind thought
Mind remembers unbound galaxies
Mind remembers the possibility of ideas
Thought from mind becomes the creator
The creator is created by thought, mind’s daughter
Memory recreates what was believed to be lost
Memory exhales stars and worlds and systems
Memory becomes the symphony and the primitive
It becomes what we fear might be true
We are but star dust
Star dust that dreamed it was once human
Awakening to find that being here is the smallness of memory
Being here is only mind and thought; we sleep through our lives
We sleep through the memories of our dust bodies
We sleep the dream of our now lives
When death comes
We awake
I remember now
I dreamed of dust
I dreamed of me


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