alone across time

January 25, 2014 marked the eighth anniversary of the discovery of 38-year old Joyce Carol Vincent’s skeletal remains. Vincent, an ex Ernst & Young employee, was found dead in her bedsit in Wood Green, North London on January 25, 2006 with her television set still playing. What makes this story incredible is not that she […]

after here

What if when we die, we do not go to a single place where all people ascend to, but to whatever place we believe we will go? What if we create our own individual afterlife, and no two afterlives will be the same? If you believe you will go to a heaven, that is where […]

a dime bag

i remember a time when meditation was free now the stolen moments cost dearly i lean back and think a memory is worth more than a dime bag but no one buys memories they want weed to get high meditation won’t take them there too expensive too much time to collect a dime bag is […]

the pitter-patter

A house with three small children, a three-year old, two-year old and ten month old is far from a home filled with the pitter-patter of little feet. When they are each wound up like giant mechanical toys, one could only wish they would wind down at the end of a few minutes. Their screams, cries […]

the lazy writer

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted. There is really no excuse. I am being lazy and that is never good. What’s interesting about my laziness is that I still write in my head. Sometimes I’ll create blog posts or entire chapters for my manuscripts and even imagine myself typing out the stories. How […]

the candle

A candle sat on the table at the outdoor cafe. The wind blew softly, barely stirring the flame. Forks and knives tapped plates creating a different kind of music. The flame seemed to dance to it as though a memory were conjured forth. The quick flicker gave clue to this conjuring, this thing from the […]

my dreams

Sitting on a dresser is an empty glass that contained fresh pineapple juice squeezed only thirty minutes ago. Next to it are three books, Martian Chronicles, In the Time of the Butterflies and Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand. Looking at the books make me smile. I received my packet from my teacher […]

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