rethinking the hot and spicy life

I’m somewhat of an odd Jamaican woman. I don’t like things too spicy. Nearly everyone in my family loads their food with everything hot created by humans and I am expected to not only indulge, but enjoy it. After all, what sort of Jamaican would I be if I didn’t enjoy a jerk chicken or jerk pork every now and then. Just as I don’t like my food too hot, I don’t like my life too hot. A touch of spice doesn’t hurt, but too much numbs me from the inside out.

My ability to deeply appreciate my success doesn’t require that I live through mountains of failures. While watching the many rags to riches stories that exist in media and literature is heart warming, I would much rather find success through as few failures as possible. I’ll live vicariously through those who like it hot, laden with failure that inspires them to appreciate their success to a much greater degree.

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