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Ah, the literary-minded witch. From one witch to another, hands down, I would choose to become an obscure novelist whose work will be admired and studied by a select few for decades. I want longevity as a writer. When I see authors such as Mary Shelley still being read and studied, it makes me smile. Imagine, to have such an impact that more than 100 years later, your name is on the tongues of the young and old. Meanwhile, how many authors do we know now, who are still alive, whose works are virtually forgotten already?

I’ll take longevity any day.

This was a great writing prompt. I’ve been asked this question before and the answer is always the same, even as I sit here, the starving artist, trying to make my way through the world of literature. But I am hopeful that what I ultimately pen, my magnum opus, will last through the ages.

Writing Prompt:


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