the hiding synopsis

What I’m about to write makes me feel like a child who did a bad thing and I am about to be punished. Please, be gentle with me even though I deserve all the verbal lashing I might get.

I’ve never written a synopsis for my book.


There, I wrote/said it.

I cringe as I reread that. I know I know. How could I have a book published and have never written a synopsis for it? I deserve some cowhide lashes, I know. It’s a wretched thing. But I am determined to rectify this problem and work on my synopsis today.

A synopsis is a critical aspect of one’s work. You’d think, given that I know this, I would have written a synopsis from day one. But I am now forced to write one or lose out on an opportunity.

Writers, don’t wait. Like me, you may not like the process of writing a synopsis for a finished book, but once it is done, you won’t need to do it again (except for a few edits) and you’ll be prepared for any opportunity.

I need to get busy and get this done before the end of the week.

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