Writing Prompt: Feeling Fancy

You’re given unlimited funds to plan one day full of any and all luxuries you normally can’t afford. Tell us about your extravagant day with as much detail as possible.

This feels like relative freedom, although not fully free. My day would unfold with a single goal in mind. Find the quiet spots. Go where quiet lives and transforms, where the sound of nature lives.

My transporter sits ready to materialize me to places I’ve never been, quiet places where nature speaks in chirps and caws and leaves talk to the wind. With a thought, I am hopping to the many caves spotted across the globe. I cave hop until satisfied that I have explored every cave that is vast and expansive, rising higher than cathedrals in Rome. The transporter hums, ready to take me to several beaches around the world where I sit and watch the sunrise, the waters ebb and dolphins jump to the sun. The water sings itself into existence each time it rushes to the shore, pushing sand and seashells across the land. Waves crash and foam rises in a hush…hush, hush it says. Continent hopping to all the spaces where quiet energy lives would fill my invisible calendar.

The quiet is everywhere that is far from the cities and streets and phones and computers and technology. The quiet is the dandelion that blows in the wind. The quiet is the tree that gave birth to the leaves that turn orange, red, yellow and purple in autumn. It is the birds that fly in formation overhead and the cow that bends its head to graze on grass. It’s the stream that jumps over rocks and smooths them on its way. It’s the mountain top that looks over the clouds and wonders at the vastness of existence. It’s the ant that pulls a leaf along the ground, determined to get it to its rightful destination. It’s the snake that lays in the hot sun, enjoying the warmth of the day. It’s the gardenia and magnolia that perfume the air and the rose that has almost forgotten what it means to live wild.

My day would be filled with everything simple and quiet and authentic. And when the sun begins to set, I would grab a book, light a candle and love the day away with reading and quiet reflection. My memories would be my blanket. And the freedom to spend time amongst the beauty of life would be the lover I would never forget.

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