the strangeness of existence


the strangeness of existence.

for hundreds of thousands of years i did not exist. then, enter darkness, light, water, heartbeat, blood, bone, body, breath, sentience; movement of me, them, us, we, on green and brown Earth.

i am here.

a century at most is all i have. then i will cease. no movement, no sentience, breath, body, bone, blood, heartbeat, water, light, darkness.


or, nirvana.

or, that unknown thing we cannot name.

or, oblivion, the abyss, the Great Nothing.

i won’t exist—not in this way; for hundreds of thousands of years, the me i’ve come to know will reside in uncharted existence.

the strangeness rattles my soul.

it is like a queer dream masquerading as reality.

it is frightening and exhilarating all at once.

it will be the journey of a lifetime.

it will be what it is.

© zaji, 2016

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