Writing Prompt: Unpopular
Tell us about a time when you had to choose between two options, and you picked the unpopular choice.
My life is an endless string of unpopular choices. I don’t move with the herd. I follow what I like to call my “first” mind. I’ve found that too many people follow what others do in order to be popular. It seems they typically don’t follow the herd because it is the right path, nor because they like and prefer the popular choice. But because they want attention and acceptance.
To live to please others would be death to me. Many years ago I stopped wondering whether my choices would upset anyone and now simply make my choices without much reservation. People in my life have slowly disappeared due to my unpopular choices, but I am glad for it. Their lifestyles would have caused me endless sadness that I have no desire to burden myself with in an effort to maintain an unhealthy relationship.
So there is no single unpopular choice I could point to. There are simply too many that now span decades. Popularity is not my goal. I want spiritual peace. Peace and freedom above all else is my lifeblood.

© zaji, 2016